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Top 10 {Things I Love} :: Winter 2015

My Top 10 {Things I Love} list is back for Winter 2015 with some fun and interesting objets de desir, places, people, books, food and drinks that I’m currently crushing on – not necessarily ordered in terms of my favorite – but are all worthy of a huge shoutout for their awesomeness in my opinion… Happy Holidays and New Year 2016!  Magpie Cookbook – Magpie Artisan Pie… Read More Top 10 {Things I Love} :: Winter 2015

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Top Ten {Things I Love} :: Holiday 2014

Here are a few of my current objects of obsession…food, wine, cooking tools, home and barware, recipes, cookbooks, etc…just simply places and things I love that I think are notable and worth a big shout out for their wonderful-ness! And they make great gifts for the holidays as well..Enjoy!… Read More Top Ten {Things I Love} :: Holiday 2014

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