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Happy Memorial Day + Some Favorite Recipes

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Happy Memorial Day! A time to reflect all of those brave soldiers and military servicemen and women who have sacrificed their lives and families for the safety of ours. Big applause and respect goes out to them and grateful we have a safe and secure country to live in because of them.… Read More Happy Memorial Day + Some Favorite Recipes

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Indian Burgers with Curry Cilantro Slaw & Peanut Satay Yogurt Sauce

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I recently did a food styling project for Morningstar Farms to promote some of their new products to local food editors in NYC, and one of them I got to sample and loved was their Spicy Indian Veggie Burger. I’m not normally a fan of frozen food products and I’m definitely not a Vegan, but I was really impressed with the flavor and texture of these, and decided to make a delicious Curry Cilantro Slaw to go with it along with a Peanut Satay Yogurt Sauce for topping served with some Grilled Pita.… Read More Indian Burgers with Curry Cilantro Slaw & Peanut Satay Yogurt Sauce

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